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We hope to give you a pleasant sight and some useful information about the Kincsem Equestrian Park in Tápiószentmárton - its everyday life and services - on our pages. In case our pictures and informations, in a word, our offer has aroused your interest, do not hesitate to visit us personally. Our park is named after Kincsem, the " wonder-mare" who was born here in Tápiószentmárton. We are sure you have already heard or read about her sensational results.



The Kincsem Equestrian Park of Tápiószentmárton - situated only 60 kilometres away from Budapest - is receiving visitors, families and communities, who like equestrian and coach-driving sports, horses and nature, all around the year.



  • Family programmes - birthdays, marriage ceremonies, celebrations, wedding anniversaries, christenings - with hotel-restaurant or only restaurant services, additional programmes, on demand.
  • Garden-parties - open-air or closed place (depending on the weather, A-B variants) services, programmes on demand.
  • Organize your company's conferences, staff-meetings, consultations, garden-parties in our park!
  • Marriage ceremonies - our park provides facilities for church weddings and civil marriges alike. A lunch or dinner, in the open or in restautant, a small treat to the arriving guests - menu by agreement, programmes, firework on demand.

  • We offer training-camp facilities for sports associations, clubs.
  • Parade-coach with 2, 4 horses, herdsmen cortage - on demand.




The most beautiful minigolf courses in Europe


The park with its more than 1000 ha area is a tourist sight by itself. The golfpark is situated on about 1,5 ha territory. We can find a little lake with a wonderful waterfall in the middle of it.


The lake and the bridge over it is a natural dividing line between two minigolf courses. We can find a standard miniaturegolf course on the left side and a felt course by the world-famous NIFO firm on the right side.


There is a building opposite to the minigolf courses which waits for our guests with a snack-bar (buffet), pub and lavatories. Our intimate wine bar placed next to the minigolf courses provides a pleasant pastime on warm summer days.








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European-Championships of the Seniors

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Senior-Nations Cup



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