The Attila mound


When in 1993 KOCSI János has bought the former russian airfield of Tápiószentmárton, he did not know that this land had alredy won reputation in horse-breeding, as the world-famous wonder-mare, Kincsem was born here. Her sandy yard had been here, exactly on the Attila mound. BLASKOVICH Ernõ, the breeder of Kincsem and the owner of the land had also noted the peculiarity of this place in the second half of the 19th century. Archeologists searching for the grave of Attila had found the Scythian golden deer on this mound. According to the documentations of Priskos Rhetor it is likely that the wooden palace of Attila had stood somewhere near. On the outlines of subsistent sources the plans of a faithfully represented wooden palace have been completed in 2000. In view of the high expenses and the building restrictions on account of the continuing archeological excavations, this plan has not yet reached materialization. The first observations concening the Attila mound were accidental. The pasturing of some of the park's horses had been done in this area. They found out that the animals are spending unduly long hours on the mound or nearby. The sick horses often had lied down for hours at this place. It was the VET of the estate who called attention to this and also to the fact that the sickness-statistics of these horses is much better, as well as the falling in foal is more frequent than anywhere else in the country. The past and recent events began to slowly set the picture, but it is still not fully known what it is exactly that they found on the Attila mound. The rumours about the 'healing-mound' quickly got round, dozens of sick people were and are arriving. Some experienced distinct improvement in their condition right after the first days, some only after a couple of occasions. As a result research started. The scientists' measurements revealed a beneficial energy-radiation, which is facilitating healing processes in the human body. The centre of this energy-flow is on the Attila mound, but its curative effects can be felt on the entire territory of the Kincsem Equestrial Park.

The sacral lines as eg. the St. George-line or the Ley-line are also constituting part of the primeval-energy, found in the park. The scientists have not yet reached to an exact conclusion, whether these energies are alredy known or there is an underlying force behind the observed peculiarities and manifestations. It is well known that all illnesses result from a state of energy-deficiency. This radiation helps to recover the split balance in a way, that it does not affect only one organ but harmonizes the energy-flow in the whole body. Since then, quite a lot of people have recovered, they love this place and are grateful for getting back their health. A very poignant example of gratitude was when during one night in the spring of 2001 a stranger has placed a statue of the Virgin and a bunch of flowers on the mound. KOCSI János, the successful entrepreneur, proprietor of the park, who devoted the entire 2001 to research has said: "for these very moments, I simply can not regret spending so much time, money and energy on research."